Podiatrist Salaries in Bangladesh

Despite being paid the same in most countries, a male podiatrist salary near Bangladesh is 12% higher than a female’s. In fact, many countries give employees annual pay increases, which makes it even more desirable to work as a male podiatrist. In Bangladesh, male podiatrists earn an average of thirty-one thousand two hundred sixty dollars. However, the gender pay gap is not the only issue to consider newshubpages.

The median Podiatrist salary near Bangladesh is thirty-eight thousand dollars, and ranges from fourteen thousand five hundred dollars to forty-five thousand dollars. The salary range includes the cost of housing, transportation, and other benefits chatrad. It is important to note, however, that salaries are highly variable, and this is why it’s crucial to understand the salary ranges before starting a new job. The table below shows the salary ranges in different areas of Bangladesh waptrickcom.

If you are interested in becoming a Podiatrist in another country, you can compare salary ranges with ZipRecruiter isohunt. The average salary in the Chicago area is $132,220 per year, which is a higher rate than the national average. However, the ranges can be more or less dependent on geographic location and years of experience buxic. The following table shows the average salary for a Podiatrist in different locations.

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